What’s Wrong with the Large Brokerage Model

Nelson Family Realty launched our listing program in 2009, to trim the fat of brokerage overhead and pass those savings along to our clients. Technology has advanced at incredible rates, and real estate marketing is nothing like it used to be. We discovered that the traditional real estate model of charging 6-7% for commissions could also be reformed!

Traditional real estate brokerages have big, beautiful buildings to pay for. They have departments to handle their agents and department heads to handle those departments. They have presidents, vice presidents, branch managers and more, and they all need revenue coming in to cover those costs. Unfortunately, none of these overhead areas do a thing to market your home. Presidents don’t advertise to drive buyers to your door, vice presidents don’t negotiate on your behalf, and branch managers don’t draft the paperwork for your listing or sale. Those tasks fall exclusively on the shoulders of the agent you hired. The abilities of that agent are much more critical to your success than the brokerage who holds their license.

We have been in this business a long time. We won’t deny that there are many wonderful and talented agents from all of these real estate companies. However, they are forced to charge a larger commission, to cover both their salary and the overhead of their company.

What We Do Better

We became a virtual and home-based office, eliminating the overhead that does nothing to sell your home. Technology keeps us connected wherever we go, and allows us to provide exceptional service while keeping more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket. Additionally, our small brokerage model guarantees your exclusive representation, which large brokers simply can’t do.

Our Straightforward Listing Program – No Fine Print!

If we represent you in purchasing your next home, we will list and sell your current home for only 3.99%! This includes every single step of our exceptional marketing.

If you do not purchase your next home through us, your commission rate is still only 4.99%, much lower than the industry average.

The 3.99 – 4.99% commission includes the commission paid out to the brokerage bringing in the buyer. Our co-op commission rate to the Buyer’s company is 2.7%, slightly above the industry average.

As a bonus, the 2.7% commission payout goes to whomever brings in the buyer – real estate company or not. If you find the buyer and they are not working with an agent, YOU keep the 2.7%! This happens a couple of times each year, which brings the total commission rate down to 1.29% – 2.29%. We would love for it to happen more!

That’s it. No fine print, no surprises. This is our business model for all of our clients, and hundreds have taken advantage of the savings and service.

How Do We Stay in Business?

The most common question we are asked is: “By offering so much and charging so little, how do you make money?” Simple: we sell a lot of homes, without the overhead of the larger brokerages. In addition, we have invested in our marketing and advertising to have full control. Our team includes a full-time media person, whose primary job is to make our listings look as good as possible. We own a Matterport 3D camera, we have purchased our own drone fleet, we have our own radon testing equipment, AND we sell more homes than most agents. While we are not the first company to break away from the large broker business model and we won’t be the last, we ARE the only one to provide this level of marketing, representation and service at a price this low.

We are also proud to offer even lower rates to active military, veterans, police, fire fighters and first responders through our Home Safe Program.